Homer Warehouse -

At The Homer Warehouse, LLC we make make every effort to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our policies exist not to inconvenience our customers but to assure that ALL of our customers are treated fairly.
A late cancellation is considered to be any cancellation within 24hrs of your rental.  Cancellation can be made by phone at 412-812-7151 or 412-334-3136 but cannot be made by voice mail.  If you cancel by phone you MUST speak to management.  Late cancellations will be charged as follows:
·         First Late Cancellation: No Charge
·         Second Late Cancellation: 50% Charge
·         Third and Subsequent Late Cancellations: 100% Charge 

A training session must be cancelled after 6pm the evening PRIOR to your training session.  We must give our trainer time to offer your time slot to another client.  
We hope you understand our necessity for our  policies and that they are non-negotiable. All of us at The Homer Warehouse and The Field House look forward to providing you with unparalleled service and outstanding results.

If you do not show for your rental or training session without any attempt in contacting management, we hold every right to possibly deny you future service and will instantly be charged 100% of your rental or training session cost. 

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